Customer case study

Jobman Workwear
/ Splitz design agency

Jobman workwear is a well known brand within the New Wave Group that mainly sells workwear on the European market.

We create highly complex productions for Jobman, including catalogues, brochures and other sales material. The productions vary in terms of print run, scope and number of language versions. All the material is created by the Splitz design agency. Splitz also helped H2 Print with our new website and graphic profile.

Destination Gotland

/ Kusinerna Kommunikation

This beautiful island is a very popular destination, particularly in the summer.

We print the magazines "Ombord" and "Gotland" in several language versions and in large runs for Kusinerna Kommunikation, the agency that designs all the material for "Destination Gotland".

Because these magazines are often funded by advertising, responsiveness and flexibility are particularly important.


The municipalities around Sweden's Glasriket have joined forces to present the glassworks that continue to be a living part of Swedish cultural heritage.

In this case, it is important to co-distribute the magazines in Europe and have everything ready for the big opening weekend at the glassworks in the spring. This project involves multiple deliveries.

The run totals 100,000 copies, along with

40,000 maps of the Glasriket.